About cats ownership



Antin Infrastructure Partners is the majority owner of CATS and one of the first non-oil and gas companies to own a significant part of UKCS midstream infrastructure.

A European private equity company focused on infrastructure investments, Antin acquired a controlling interest in CATS in July 2014. In April 2015, Antin agreed terms with BP to acquire their share of the CATS business, taking their stake to 99 per cent.

Other partners with equity in CATS are Eni (0.3388 per cent) and ConocoPhillips (0.6630 per cent).

Antin owns its 99% stake in CATS via its portfolio company CATS Management Limited. CATS Management Limited is accountable for setting the strategy and delivering safe and efficient operational and financial performance, along with growing the business.

CATS Management Limited appointed Wood as its operating partner. Wood provides the resources to manage the day-to-day operation of the CATS terminal and pipeline.

Chrysaor, as operator of the North Everest platform, is duty holder of the CATS riser platform. The North Everest platform is bridge-linked to the CATS riser platform.

Antin’s investment in CATS is bringing new focus to the asset, and represents a new business model for the North Sea.