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What is CATS

The Central Area Transmission System (CATS) is a natural gas transportation and processing system that transports gas from the Central North Sea to Teesside in the North East of England.

CATS started operating in 1993 and, together with the development of the Everest and Lomond fields, was one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in the UK at the time.

CATS Infrastructure

The CATS infrastructure comprises a fixed riser platform, a pipeline and a reception and processing terminal.

The CATS riser platform is located in Block 22/10a of the Central North Sea. Bridge linked to the North Everest platform, it gathers natural gas from a number of fields.

The CATS pipeline is a 36" diameter, 404 kilometre (250 mile) pipeline with the capacity to handle up to 48 million standard cubic metres (1.7 billion standard cubic feet) of natural gas per day.

The CATS terminal on Teesside is situated within a 29-hectare site. The CATS gas processing plant on the CATS terminal comprises two gas processing trains, each with capacity of around 17 million standard cubic metres (600 million standard cubic feet) per day. CATS delivers gas directly into the National Transmission System, and liquid products are exported via pipelines to nearby 3rd party facilities for onward processing or storage.

CATS currently transports gas from over 30 producing fields in the Central North Sea and in 2017 delivered over 5 billion cubic metres of gas to UK markets (approximately 14% of UK gas production and 7% of demand).

Owners, Operators & Partners

Antin Infrastructure Partners is the majority owner of CATS via its portfolio company CATS Management Limited with 99 per cent equity. Other partners are Eni and ConocoPhillips.

Antin Infrastructure Partners is a European private equity company focused on infrastructure investments, and one of the first non-oil and gas companies to own a significant part of UKCS midstream infrastructure.

CATS Management Limited is accountable for setting the strategy and delivering safe and efficient operational and financial performance, along with growing the business.

CATS Management Limited appointed Wood, (www.woodplc.com) as its operating partner. Wood provides the resources to manage the day-to-day operation of the CATS terminal and pipeline.

Chrysaor, as operator of the North Everest platform, is duty holder of the CATS riser platform. The North Everest platform is bridge-linked to the CATS riser platform.

HSEE & Operational Performance

CATS has an outstanding HSE track record and the terminal has achieved 15 years without a Lost Time Incident.

CATS has a history of high operational performance and has an operational reliability rating in excess of 99%.


The workforce at the CATS terminal at Teesside numbers around 100.


Independent, global and national operators use CATS to transport their gas onshore. CATS currently serves over 30 producing fields, connected via a series of production hubs:

  • Andrew – including Cyrus, Faragon and Kinnoull
  • Armada – including Gaupe, Maria, SW Seymour, Rev and Varg
  • Banff
  • ETAP – including Egret, Heron, Skua, Machar, Madoes, Marnock, Mirren, Monan and Mungo
  • Huntington
  • J-Block – including Jade, Jasmine, Joanne and Judy
  • Lomond – including Erskine
  • MonArb – including Arbroath, Arkwright, Brechin, Caley, Carnoustie, Godwin, Montrose, Shaw and Wood
  • Everest – including North Everest, East Everest and South Everest
  • Stella